Dogwood Drip

Victoria Harris

Senior Project Manager/Senior Analyst

Since joining the firm in 1981, Ms. Harris has managed over 100 CEQA EIRs and Initial Studies on diverse projects, including the construction of a recycled water project, stream improvement projects, small and large residential developments, office parks, road expansions, road bridges, landfill expansions, quarry operations, and general plan amendments. For the above studies she has acted as client liaison with the Lead Agency and researched and prepared the impact analysis sections for Initial Study and EIR disciplines.

Ms. Harris also has expertise in preparing HCPs and NCCPs for state and federally listed threatened and endangered species. She has participated in the preparation of several HCPs and HCP/NCCPs. The HCPs have ranged from small single species HCPs to large multi species HCP/NCCPs covering several hundred acres and involving multiple political jurisdictions.

In 2005, Ms. Harris was named Vice President. Her primary duties for these projects include project management and administration, attending task force meetings, coordinating biological studies for the covered species, and drafting HCPs. For most of these HCPs, Ms. Harris also directed the completion of the NEPA documentation required by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the CEQA documentation required by land use agencies in California.


Managed preparation of an Environmental Assessment for a 12-mile fencing project in the California desert for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

Assisting California State Parks with regulatory compliance at recreation areas throughout the state, most recently the Prairie City State Vehicle Recreation Area (SVRA), Carnegie SVRA, and Clay Pit SVRA. Also managing the review of OHV grant applications for State Parks to determine compliance with regulatory requirements, including compliance with CEQA and the State’s Wildlife and Habitat Protection and Management Plans.

Prepared an HCP feasibility study for San Benito County and an EA for the Pacifica Recycled Water project for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.

Contributed to the preparation of the San Bruno Mountain HCP, which was the first HCP adopted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 1982 and was the basis for the Incidental Take Permit provision (Section 10(a)(1)(B)) of the federal Endangered Species Act.

Prepared numerous HCPs including: Placer County HCP/NCCP (vernal pool species), San Luis Obispo State Parks (snowy plover, Morro shoulderband snail), Kern Water Bank (San Joaquin kit fox and other species), Natomas Basin and Metro Air Park (giant garter snake and Swainson’s hawk), Metropolitan Bakersfield (San Joaquin kit fox and other species), Seascape Uplands and Tucker Pond (Santa Cruz long toed salamander), San Benito County (San Joaquin kit fox and other species), and Quail Hollow Quarry (listed insects).

Conducted and overseen biotic surveys for four endangered butterflies in California: Mission blue, San Bruno elfin, callippe silverspot, and Smith’s blue.

Managed preparation of CEQA documents for several transportation related projects in the Bay Area including bridge replacements, highway widenings, roadway extensions, and bike and pedestrian pathways.

Educational Background

University of California, Berkeley
Bachelor of Science, Conservation of Natural Resources