Dogwood Drip

Taylor Peterson

Director of Biological Analysis/Senior Project Manager

Since joining the firm in 1980, Ms. Peterson has applied her technical expertise to assess the impacts of a wide range of projects including habitat conservation plans, trail plans, sanitary landfills, materials recovery and transfer stations, quarries, commercial or housing development, wastewater treatment plant expansion, water well development, and high-voltage transmission line alignments. She has managed the preparation of CEQA and NEPA documents and has prepared the project description, as well as the analysis of impacts for several disciplines. She provides technical expertise on a variety of work products, including constraints analyses, biological assessments, wetland delineations, Initial Studies, EAs, EIRs/EISs, mitigation monitoring plans, natural environment studies, revegetation plans, and applications for US Army Corps of Engineers, California Department of Fish and Game, California Coastal Commission, and Regional Water Quality Control Board permits.

In her capacity as the Director of Biological Analysis at TRA, Ms. Peterson directs staff in the technical analysis and preparation of environmental documents, provides quality control over all biological services work products, assigns staff to projects based on the required expertise needed for the project, and maintains contact with the client, project engineers, and the lead agency. Several of the projects that she has managed have been controversial in nature, and she has extensive experience in responding to public concerns and comment.

Ms. Peterson has a background in biology and has been a long-time observer of California’s natural history. She is experienced in plant and animal identification, vegetation mapping, wetland delineation, mark/release/recapture work with butterflies, and in survey methods for several endangered species. She is familiar with special habitats such as vernal pools, serpentine grassland, bay wetlands, and riparian zones, and she is a trained wetland delineator. She has had much practice in the use and application of biological data sources such as the California Natural Diversity Database, the California Native Plant Society, and agency and local contacts.


Senior Project Manager for the Stanford University HCP EIS. The project involved the implementation of a conservation program to protect five special-status species on Stanford’s main campus: California tiger salamander, California red-legged frog, steelhead, San Francisco garter snake, and western pond turtle. The covered activities included the conservation program, ongoing operations and maintenance, and development of new housing and academic buildings over a 50 year permit term. The EIS was prepared for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service as co-lead agencies.

Senior Project Manager for seven technical documents and four permit applications for replacement of the Highway 1 bridge over San Pedro Creek and widening of the creek in Pacifica, California. The bridge required a Coastal Development Permit from the California Coastal Commission, Clean Water Act Sections 401 and 404 permits from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Regional Water Quality Control Board, consultation with the NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service (steelhead) and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (California red-legged frog), and a Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreement from California Department of Fish and Game. The City of Pacifica was a co-applicant with Caltrans, and all documents went through Caltrans review.

Senior Project Manager for a delineation of wetlands and waters of the U.S. at the Corral Hollow State Vehicle Recreation Area and adjoining properties between Livermore and Tracy. The 5,033-acre study area contains numerous stock ponds and drainages, and supports California red-legged frog and California tiger salamander.

Senior Project Manager for the Santa Clara Valley Water District’s Pipeline Maintenance Program Supplemental EIR to address vegetation management activities.

Senior Project Manager for biological studies related to the Santa Clara Valley Water District’s Dam Instrumentation Project. The studies included protocol surveys for California red-legged frog and rare plant species.

Senior Project Manager for the Biological Assessment and Wetland Delineation for the Hacienda Deep Gulch mercury remediation project. The Biological Assessment addresses steelhead and California red-legged frog.

Contributing author of the HCP for San Bruno Mountain, in which she applied the principles of the Plan in order to develop the specific activities required for each administrative parcel on the mountain.

Principal author of the Kirby Canyon Landfill Bay Checkerspot Butterfly Conservation Plan, and the Revegetation Plan for serpentine grassland at the project site. Oversees ongoing monitoring for California red-legged frog at the site.

Educational Background

Stanford University, Stanford, CA
Bachelor of Arts, Human Biology

Professional Training

Trained Weltand Delineator, Wetland Training Institute with supplemental courses on regulatory updates.