Dogwood Drip

Kate Werner

Senior Project Manager/Senior Analyst

Ms. Werner is a Senior Project Manager with expertise in CEQA analysis, planning and land use issues. With 25 years experience at TRA, Ms. Werner has managed CEQA documents on an array of land use projects including quarries, schools, residential and commercial developments, and recreational uses. The projects have been located throughout the greater Bay Area and Central Coast counties and have varied in size and complexity.

As a Senior Project Manager, Ms. Werner maintains day-to-day communications with clients, directs the work of project team members, reviews and incorporates technical documents from outside contractors, as well as prepares key sections of project documents. She assists clients with all aspects of the CEQA process including project scoping, notification requirements, public meetings, and project findings.


Senior Analyst for Eastern Kern County Acquisition Project EIR for California State Parks. Project involved acquisition and management of 28,000 acres in the Mojave Desert. Prepared land use and agricultural impact assessments, prepared or reviewed responses to extensive public comment, and provided overall quality control.

Senior Analyst for Routine Riparian Maintenance IS/MND for Oceano Dunes District of California State Parks. Project involved the removal of debris, sediment, and emergent vegetation from drainage structures and creek channels and the management of vegetation growth and exotic species along waterways and associated public trails at Pismo State Beach and Oceano Dunes SVRA.

Senior Analyst for the OHMVR Division Grants and Cooperative Agreements Program. Assists with assuring grant applications comply with PRC sections 5090.35, 5090.50, and 5090.53, and CCR section 4970.06 since 2001. Provided technical review of 22 Habitat Management Plans on mostly federal land submitted by public agencies and private organizations for compliance with Grants Program Regulations. Conducted review meetings with each HMP agency.

Provided peer technical review of State Vehicle Recreation Area (SVRA) General Plan EIRs for California State Parks. New general plans were prepared for several SVRAs setting forth guidelines for park operations and future facility improvements.

Senior Project Manager of the Over Snow Vehicle Program EIR for California State Parks. Project involved issuance of state contracts throughout California for grooming 26 winter trail systems covering 1761 miles in 11 national forests, plowing 97 miles of access road, and plowing and/or maintaining 34 parking area trailheads. Principal author of two IS/NDs for one-year funding periods and EIR covering a 10-year program period. Conducted public scoping meetings, assisted with development and implementation of winter trailhead visitor survey, prepared Mitigation Monitoring Program and lead agency CEQA findings. Developed worksheets and instructions to be used by USFS staff in reporting results of field monitoring to California State Parks. The primary issues of concern related to snowmobile use in the project area included wilderness area intrusion, damage to sensitive biological resources, air quality emissions, greenhouse gas emissions, and conflicts between motorized and non-motorized uses.

Senior Project Manager of Caltrans Technical Studies for San Pedro Terrace Trail in City of Pacifica involving construction of a combination Class 1, II, and III multipurpose trail along San Pedro Creek using Federal Highway Administration funds. Assisted City with Caltrans meetings and site visit to determine scope of work products. Prepared a detailed project description, Preliminary Environment Study (PES) Form, a Biological Resources Evaluation Memorandum, cultural resources survey, and an Air Quality Technical Memorandum.

Project Manager of Coyote Point Recreation Area Shoreline and Promenade Improvement Project IS/ND for San Mateo County Parks Department. Project involved stabilization of 1900 feet of bay front shoreline half with rock revetment and have by reconfiguring the shoreline to create a scallop-shaped bay. Impact assessment addressed biological and water quality effects of excavating in tidal lands, shoreline and beach stability.

Project Manager of Serramonte Boulevard Overlay Improvements Caltrans Technical Study for Town of Colma. Directed preparation of Biological Resources Evaluation Memorandum to assess the potential for project activities to impact special-status species associated with road crossing over Colma Creek.

Project Manager of Hillsborough Asphalt Overlay Project Caltrans Technical Study for Town of Hillsborough. Directed preparation of Biological Resources Evaluation Memorandum to assess the potential for project activities to impact special-status species associated with road crossing over San Mateo Creek.

Project Manager of Half Moon Bay Downtown Resurfacing Project Caltrans Technical Study. Directed preparation of Biological Resources Evaluation Memorandum to assess the potential for project activities to impact special-status species associated with Pilarcitos Creek.

Project Manager of EIRs for quarry projects including: Hollister Sand Plant, Lapis Sand Plant, Brigantino Overburden (Wilson Quarry), Guadalupe Valley Quarry, Bonny Doon Quarries, Quail Hollow Quarry, and RMC Cement Plant. Impact assessments include noise, dust, aesthetics, sensitive biological resources, and water quality.

Project Manager of the State Route 1 Bridge Replacement IS/MND in City of Pacifica. Project was a component of the overall 100-year flood control project jointly planned by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and City of Pacifica to widen San Pedro Creek. Primary issues for bridge replacement were disturbance to sensitive species habitat (CA red-legged frog, steelhead trout), hazardous levels of aerial deposited lead in project soils, construction emissions, and storm water drainage.

Project Manager of San Juan Highway Bike Lane IS/MND and Caltrans Technical Studies for Council of San Benito County Governments. Project was a 3-mile long Class II bike lane along San Juan Highway near San Juan Bautista. Project constraints included an adjacent drainage channel with wetland vegetation providing potential refuge habitat to California red-legged frog, a 100-year flood zone, and the San Andreas Fault. Prepared or directed technical studies for Caltrans including a Natural Environment Study (NES), wetland delineation, Section 106 Cultural Resource Study, AD1006 consultation with the Natural Resource Conservation Service for agricultural impacts, a Location Hydrology Study for floodplain impacts, and a Section 7 consultation with the USFWS. Prepared USACE, RWCQB, and CDFG permit applications.

Contributing Author of the Prairie City SVRA IS/MND for the improvement of the 90-acre four-wheel drive area. Primary issues addressed included storm drainage and sedimentation impacts into remnant channels of Coyote Creek and dust impacts.

Project Manager and primary author of Access Feasibility Study for Pajaro Valley Unified School District in Watsonville. Study assessed the feasibility of an alternate access road required by the California Coastal Commission as a condition of approving a new high school campus in the coastal zone. Several feasibility factors were assessed including acquisition of easements, regulatory approval process, environmental constraints, costs, and timing constraints.

Mitigation Monitor for the Guadalupe Valley Quarry in San Mateo County since 1996. Conducted both scheduled and unannounced site visits to inspect conditions at the quarry and assess compliance with county permit conditions. The primary issues include adequate controls of dust emissions, surface water runoff, water quality, import of recycled material, and noise from night haul truck traffic.

Educational Background

University of California, Davis
Bachelor of Science, Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning