Dogwood Drip

David Gallagher


David Gallagher joined MIG as a biologist in 2015, bringing four years of experience as a plant and wildlife ecologist to the firm. Mr. Gallagher is skilled in plant and wildlife identification, construction monitoring and compliance, vegetation monitoring/mapping, long-term ecological studies, statistical analyses, and wetland delineations. He has experience conducting pre and post construction surveys/monitoring for nesting birds, special-status plants, and wildlife, including California red-legged frog, western burrowing owl, western pond turtle, San Joaquin kit fox, American badger, giant kangaroo rat, and bats.

Mr. Gallagher has conducted numerous floristic inventories and focused rare plant surveys. He also has knowledge of California’s vegetation communities with in-depth knowledge of valley grassland, chaparral, riparian, oak woodland, and Sonoran/Mojave Desert plant communities.

Mr. Gallagher’s experience with bats includes basic habitat and emergence surveys. He has also assisted with mist-netting and acoustical monitoring. He also has experience with long-term monitoring of avian and mammal species; relocation and monitoring of giant kangaroo rat; the use of radio/GPS telemetry to study the movements of San Joaquin kit fox, and has conducted avian monitoring, point counts, and avian fatality surveys at several utility scale solar facilities.


Wetland delineation and monitoring. Performs wetland delineations over a wide range of habitats and plant communities, including coastal salt marsh and central valley vernal pools.

Prepares of biological resource assessment reports and technical biological reports.

Conducts pre-construction surveys for California red-legged frog, western pond turtle, and SF dusky-footed woodrat.

California State Parks, Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division. Statistical analysis (distance sampling and general linear model), mark-recapture studies and occupancy modeling. Wetland monitoring and floristic surveys.

Conducts rare plant and floristic surveys. Focused rare plant and floristic surveys over a wide range of habitats and plant communities, including northern coastal scrub and coastal prairie, as well as surveys for serpentine endemics.

California Flats Solar Project. Performed wetland mitigation and monitoring plan and conducted focused rare plant and floristic surveys in valley grassland, oak woodland, riparian, and chaparral plant communities. Also performed pre-construction surveys for western burrowing owl, San Joaquin kit fox, American badger, California red-legged frog, and western pond turtle and general pre-construction biological monitoring.

Topaz Solar Farm. Conducted post-construction avian fatality surveys and point counts and long-term monitoring project for San Joaquin kit fox using radio/GPS telemetry.

Genesis Solar Energy Center and Desert Sunlight Solar Farm. Prepared Avian and Bat Protection Plan. Performed avian fatality surveys and distance sampling

California Valley Solar Ranch. Prepared Avian and Bat Protection Plan, giant kangaroo rat mitigation and monitoring. Performed Avian fatality surveys and monitoring

Educational Background

University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Bachelor of Arts

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California
Master of Science, Biology