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Christopher Dugan

Senior Project Manager/Senior Analyst

Mr. Dugan is as a TRA Project Manager and Senior Analyst. He has nine years experience planning, preparing, and managing environmental compliance documents required by local, state, and federal regulations, including the California Environmental Quality Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, the Clean Air Act, and the Occupational Safety and Health Act. He is skilled in consulting with federal, state, and local regulatory agencies and preparing the permit applications and other technical economic and environmental analyses necessary to obtain discretionary and/or regulatory approvals from these agencies. He has developed emissions inventories, obtained operating permits, and performed construction monitoring services for industrial and land use projects. Mr. Dugan supports TRA’s Environmental Analysis Division and provides CEQA, NEPA, and other technical consulting services to its clients.


Project Manager/Senior Analyst, Oceano Dunes SVRA Dust Control Project. Mr. Dugan is part of an inter-disciplinary team of geologists, air quality scientists, and recreation managers that are monitoring and evaluating the conditions that lead to dust generation at Oceano Dunes SVRA. Mr. Dugan is assisting with the analysis of air quality and meteorological data sets using excel, Lakes Software WRPLOT, and GIS software, the selection of PM10 monitoring sites, the implementation of dust control measures, and coordination with the local air district and state and federal wildlife agencies on project-related compliance and permitting requirements.

Project Manager/Senior Analyst, Sequoia Union High School District projects. Mr. Dugan wrote the project descriptions for and directed TRA staff analyses of multiple projects, including CEQA exemptions for several school expansion projects and the preparation of two IS/MNDs for athletic field lighting projects that involved substantial local concerns over evening light and glare, noise, security, and traffic impacts. Mr. Dugan managed traffic and hazardous materials subcontractors, used URBEMIS to evaluate the projects’ potential air quality effects, and conducted sound monitoring to evaluate the projects’ potential noise effects. Mr. Dugan also prepared all CEQA noticing/State Clearinghouse materials and responses to comments, presented the projects to the District Board, and represented the District (the applicant) at local zoning administrator hearings.

Senior Analyst and Mitigation Monitor, Montezuma II and Shiloh IV Wind Energy Projects. Mr. Dugan directed TRA staff in the peer-review of applicant reports and the preparation of the Agriculture and Forestry, Biological Resources (including avian and bat impacts), Geology, Soils, and Mineral Resources, Land Use, Noise, and Transportation (including radar interference impacts) chapters for two, combined 175-megwatt wind energy projects in Solano County, CA. Mr. Dugan also performed pre-construction plan check and biological, storm water, and other general construction mitigation monitoring for the projects and, as a consultant to the Solano County Technical Advisory Committee, reviews and provides comments on post-construction bird and bat mortality monitoring reports that consider if any projects or turbines are disproportionately resulting in bird mortality.

Project Manager and Analyst, San Mateo County Replacement Jail Project IS/MND. Mr. Dugan coordinated with an inter-disciplinary team of real-estate acquisition specialists, architects, municipal planning and public works staff, and jail planning staff to fast track and prepare an IS/MND for a replacement jail project that would alleviate overcrowding in the local jail system. The project was located adjacent to US 101, on lands subject to existing contamination and land use covenants/deed restrictions that prohibited human habitation at the site. TRA coordinated with the project environmental assessor and the RWQCB to address all risks from site contamination, development, and occupation so that the existing deed restrictions could be modified to support the project. The IS/MND also included an assessment of potential health risks to inmates and employees from US 101 and an emergency diesel generator.

CEQA/NEPA Air Quality Impact Assessment: Use of air quality models to quantify mass emissions estimates (e.g., URBEMIS, CALEEMOD, SCAQMD Roadway Construction Model, EMFAC2011, OFFROAD2007) for comparison to appropriate thresholds of significance. When necessary, use of dispersion models to quantify pollutant concentrations (e.g. SCREEN3, AERMOD, CALINE) for comparison to appropriate air quality standards and use in health risk estimates. Representative projects include: Waste Management’s Guadalupe Landfill Waste to Energy Project IS/MND, ACE Charter School Project IS/MND, San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office’s Replacement Jail Project, Port of Stockton’s U.S. Gypsum Wallboard Manufacturing Plant Supplemental EIR, Port of Stockton’s Inland Cold Storage Plant Project EIR.

CEQA/NEPA GHG Impact Assessment: Use of standard protocols (e.g., California Climate Action Registry) and regulations (e.g., US EPA and ARB GHG reporting regulations) and use of air quality models (e.g., CALEEMOD, BAAQMD BGM) to accurately categorize and quantify direct and indirect GHG emissions sources. Capacity to determine and apply an appropriate threshold of significance for GHG emissions and identify means or measures to reduce GHG emissions from stationary sources (e.g., variable speed motors, co-generation applications, renewable electricity use) and mobile sources (e.g. travel demand management measures). Representative projects include: Solano County’s Montezuma II and Shiloh IV Wind Energy Project EIR, City of Santa Clara Scott Boulevard Restaurant Project IS/MND, California Department of Parks and Recreation’s Over Snow Program EIR, U.S. Gypsum Wallboard Manufacturing Plant Supplemental EIR, Port of Stockton Community Fuels Biodiesel Plant Project Addendum to the West Complex EIR.

Clean Air Act / Air Quality Compliance: Preparation of siting plans, emission reduction plans, and compliance reports necessary to demonstrate compliance with federal and state regulations and facility permits. Representative projects include: Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area Monitoring Site Selection Plan and Particulate Matter Reduction Plan, Heber 1 and 2 Geothermal Power Plant Projects, Trinity County RCD’s Westside Watershed Restoration Project.

Greenhouse Gas Compliance: Determination of applicability of federal and state GHG reporting regulations to facilities, quantification of emissions for GHG reporting purposes, and review of source testing protocols for use in GHG reporting. Representative projects: Heber 1 and Heber 2 Geothermal Power Plants.

Noise Impact Assessment: Use of sound level meters to document on-site sound levels and need for project mitigation. Representative projects include: Habitat for Humanity’s Montague Housing Development Project, Solano County’s Montezuma II and Shiloh IV Wind Energy Projects, Sequoia Union High School District’s Usher Field Lights Project.

Analyst, ACE Charter School Project IS/MND. Mr. Dugan prepared the Air Quality and Noise sections of the IS/MND. Mr. Dugan used sound level meters to document on-site sound levels and quantify project mitigation. Mr. Dugan performed a public records request for facilities that handle or emit hazardous emissions within ¼ mile of the site (consistent with state regulations) and screened the project’s potential health risks from a nearby freeway.

Analyst, Trinity County Resource Conservation District Watershed Restoration Project and El Dorado National Forest Barrett Trail Bridge IS/MND. Mr. Dugan prepared the Air Quality analyses for these projects, which included activities in areas of naturally occurring asbestos and emissions from the use of helicopters, respectively. Mr. Dugan documented project requirements under ARB and local air district asbestos regulations and quantified helicopter criteria and greenhouse gas emissions.

Educational Background

Cook College, Rutgers University, New Jersey
Bachelor of Science, Natural Resource Management