Shiloh III and IV Wind Energy Projects Mitigation Monitoring

Solano County, California, 2011 – Present

The Shiloh III and Shiloh IV Wind Energy Projects consists of approximately 100, two-megawatt wind turbines and associated roads, meteorological towers ,and electrical transmission infrastructure (collection lines, transmission lines, and substation) in the Montezuma Hills Wind Resource Area, south of State Route 12, approximately 18 miles southeast of Fairfield in Solano County, California. Working as a subcontractor to the lead mitigation monitoring company, TRA Environmental Services reviewed construction drawings and plans and performed field inspections to ensure the project was constructed in accordance with the air quality, biological resources, cultural resources, and noise conditions approved for the project. TRA ensured the project Applicant provided adequate protection of sensitive biological habitat (wetlands) and sensitive species (California tiger salamander, raptors and special-status birds), did not cause fugitive dust or noise effects at sensitive receptor locations, and re-vegetated and re-stored disturbed areas. During construction monitoring, TRA provided weekly reports to the lead contractor and County on the project’s compliance status.

Lead Agency: Solano County