Edgewood Canyon Estates Supplemental EIR and Mitigation Monitoring

San Mateo County, 2011 — Present

TRA prepared the Supplemental EIR for an amendment to a final map of a previously approved and recorded six-lot residential subdivision into a two-lot residential subdivision located in a canyon setting in unincorporated San Mateo County. In 1992, TRA prepared the EIR for the original six-lot subdivision. Major issues associated with development of the 1992 project consisted of geotechnical impacts related to a road cut on a rocky canyon wall, road grades steeper than 15%, constructing a road for secondary ingress/egress for emergency purposes, biological issues related to oak tree removal, visual impacts of the entire project to surrounding neighbors and provision of enough water pressure for firefighting purposes. The 2010 proposed project eliminated the controversial road across the rocky canyon wall, however it proposed up to 88,000 cubic yards of fill and some 1:1 fill faces which have geotechnical issues. The amended project reduced the number of trees removed and a new water service provider eliminated the concern over water pressure for firefighting purposes. The main issues associated with the 2010 project were geotechnical issues associated with the large amount of fill proposed, potential visual impacts, and inconsistency with San Mateo County Design Review Guidelines.

TRA is presently assisting the County with implementation of the mitigation monitoring and reporting plan. TRA is reviewing project plans for conformance to mitigation measures and conditions of approval; conducting invasive plant, roosting bat, nesting bird and tree surveys, and woodrat surveys, and preparing a relocation plan. TRA will provide monitoring during construction.

Client/Lead Agency: San Mateo County