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Eastern Kern County Property Acquisition EIR

Kern County, 2011 — 2013

TRA prepared an EIR for California State Parks, OHMVR Division’s acquisition of over 28,000 acres of largely undeveloped land in Eastern Kern County. The 59 non-contiguous parcels are largely interspersed with BLM, USFS, and private lands. From east to west, the lands rise from the high floor of the western Mojave Desert into the southern Sierra Nevada and Piute Mountains. In general, the area is rugged and dominated by desert scrub habitat in the east and by woodland in the west. Unique biological resources include Butterbredt Spring, a significant migratory bird stopover site, habitat for listed species such as the desert tortoise, and a raptor migratory corridor between the Kern River Valley and the Mojave River. The lands are also rich in cultural resources. The area is used for motorized recreation, open range grazing, camping, wildlife viewing/birding, and other activities.

In support of project planning and EIR preparation, TRA also coordinated and implemented resource studies conducted for the proposed acquisition; avian and botanical studies were conducted solely by or with participation of our biologists. TRA compiled an extensive GIS dataset for the project and surrounding area. TRA has helped develop and continues to work with the OHMVR Division on outreach and collaboration with partners and stakeholders in the project area, including BLM, USFS, Department of Defense, grazing interests, and non-profits.

Lead Agency/Client: California Department of Parks and Recreation, OHMVR Division