Dogwood Drip

Project Experience

Residential and Mixed Use

Single family housing subdivisions
Multifamily housing subdivisions
Planned unit developments
Commercial office buildings
High-rise office buildings
Hotel/motel projects

Public Facilities

Open space management
Multi-use trails
General Plan impact assessment
Correctional facilities
School Construction/Modernization
Public health and safety of building materials

Industrial Facilities

Warehouse/distribution centers
Sanitary landfills
Industrial waste disposal sites
Wastewater treatment plants
Transfer stations/materials recovery centers
Franchise collection
Green waste composting
High-voltage transmission lines
Water supply systems
Processing and warehousing facilities
Research and development laboratories
Bioengineering laboratories
Biomass energy plants
Wind energy facilities
Geothermal energy plants
Waste to energy plants
Tank farms
Communication towers

Air Quality

Impact analyses
Alternatives analyses

Conservation Planning

Habitat Conservation Plans (HCPs)
Natural Communities Conservation Planning (NCCP)
Endangered species permitting

Land Use Planning

Mining reclamation plans
Federal lands disposition

Ecological Restoration

Conceptual plans
Construction documentation
Riparian planting plans
Freshwater pond restoration plans
Restoration plan goals and objectives

Biotic Resource Assessments

Habitat assessments
Impact analysis
Wetland delineations
GIS mapping

Sensitive Species Assessments

Burrowing owl
California red-legged frog
San Bruno elfin butterfly
Bay checkerspot butterfly
Mission blue butterfly
Callippe silverspot butterfly
San Joaquin kit fox
Steelhead trout
San Francisco dusky-footed woodrat
California tiger salamander
Rare plants

Mitigation Monitoring

Revegetation monitoring
Construction monitoring to avoid take
MMRP Implementation

Recreation Facilities and Park Improvements

Off-highway motor vehicle recreation
Recreational trails and bike paths
Skate board parks
Dog parks
Visitor centers